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Let’s face it. 2020 was a year like no other. Many of us faced adversities, loneliness and death of loved ones. It’s time for new beginnings. LOVE Yourself Project is proud to present you with a wide range of relatable and informative bite-sized stories that will surely keep you entertained and maybe help you find the personal fulfillment you are looking for or at least nudge you in a new direction.

About LOVE Yourself Project

The LOVE Yourself Project brings like-minded entrepreneurs together to share experiences and support one another’s business and personal endeavors. We welcome you to partake in our mini adventures – pre-recorded and live – from speakers all around the globe.

Our presentations are filled with career tips, wellness advice, and more – all delivered in bite-sized digital format. You’ll always find valuable information that you can use to expand your own life and business – set new goals, shift your mindset, and become a better version of yourself.

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Meet Howard Fishman

Howard is a writer, expat, and life coach.

His website, concentrates on writings that support a productive and positive outlook on the retirement years.

Check out his stories below.

Five Steps To Decompress From The Whirlpool Of Work

Five Steps To Decompress From The Whirlpool Of Work

Five Steps to Decompress From the Whirlpool of Work By Howard Fishman There’s no advance warning system to predict one’s reaction to retirement. You can chat yourself up before the actual day arrives, bathe in some delusional fuzzy before-glow. But nothing can prepare...

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How to Be Smart About Big Decisions

How to Be Smart About Big Decisions

It’s normal to fear big decisions after the age of fifty. We’re more risk-averse. Afraid of unintentional outcomes lurking around corners. With less time ahead of us to correct mistakes. It’s easier to play it safe. Maintain the status quo.

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For the LOVE of Books

Here you will find our top picks for 2021 in every category: classic, inspirational, cosy mysteries, personal and professional development.

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