70-Day Meditation Challenge

with Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Priyanka Gupta

Namaste beautiful souls. You are invited to join this 70 – day guided meditation challenge. Bookmark this page to join daily.

Feel free to journal your progress and  share your thoughts.

Day 1 Pauses Between Spaces

Day 2 ♥ The Beginning of Being Mindful

Day 3 Become calm in 5 mins & 12 seconds

Day 4 Refreshing Body Scan

Day 5 ♥ Reduce Anxiety with Meditative Relaxation Technique

Day 6 Smile Into The Light Guided Meditation

Day 7 Guided Breath Meditation With a Sensory Twist

Day 8 An Intentional Moment Guided Meditation

Day 9 Release Tension Throughout the Body & Relax Deeply

Day 10 10 Fun Yoga Focused Breaths

Day 11 Bee Breath for Anxiety I Bhramari Pranayam


Day 12 Yoga Nidra final relaxation (with explanation)

Day 13 Guided Meditation with Visualization to be Calm

Day 14 ♥ Snow Globe Guided Meditation

Day 15 Guided Gratitude Meditation​

Day 16 Embracing Boredom

Day 17 ♥ Metta – Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

Day 18 Become calm in 5 mins & 12 seconds

Day 19 Art of Letting Go Guided Meditation

Day 20 Accept the Imperfections Perfectly

Day 21 Pauses Between Spaces II

Day 22 Guided Meditation to Cultivate Heightened Sense of Awareness​

Day 23 Healing the Body Guided Meditation 

Day 24 Repetitive Thoughts Guided Meditation

Day 25 Finding Balance Guided Meditation

Day 26 ♥ Self Kindness Guided Meditation

Day 27 Self Forgiveness Guided Meditation

Day 28 Quick Muscle Relaxation Guided Meditation

Day 29 ♥ Suitcases of the Past & the Future

Day 30 Yoga Nidra – a traditional twist

Day 31 Sensations of Happiness Guided Meditation

Day 32 Path to Bliss Guided Meditation

Day 33 Finding the Heart to Forgive

Day 34 A Mindful Breathing Meditation​

Day 35 Pause in the Present

Day 36 Stillness of Movement Guided Meditation​

Day 37 Yoga Nidra Without an End … Sleep to it

Day 38 Live Your Future Now

Day 39 Holiday Season Guided Meditation

Day 40 Gratitude for our Senses

Day 41 Our Layers Guided Meditation

Day 42 An Awareness of Being Mindful Guided Meditation​

Day 43 Tune In & Bliss Out

Day 44 Meditate into the Present

Day 45 Cultivate Conscious Relaxation Guided Meditation

Day 46 Guided Meditation to Meditate (vipassana/insight meditation )

Day 47 Self Healing with your Breath Guided Meditation

Day 48 Contemplation for Death & Life Guided Meditation

Day 49 4-7-8-breath

Day 50 Guided Meditation for Gratitude

Day 51 Breath Awareness Guided Meditation

Day 52 A Peaceful Equilibrium

Day 53 Affirmation Soundbyte

Day 54 Yoga Nidra (with instructions)

Day 55 Chakra Clearing Guided Meditation 101

Day 56 Body Scan Soundbyte

Day 57 A Peaceful Equilibrium (repeat)

Day 58 Grief & Loss Guided Meditation

Day 59 Spirit Guide Guided Meditation

Day 60 Back to Basics

Day 61 Long Body Scan

Day 62 Healing & Strengthening Guided Meditation

Day 63 Yoga Nidra (final relaxation) without explanation

Day 64 A Mindful Moment

Day 65 Updated final relaxation without instructions

Day 66 New Years Guided Meditation for Positive Change

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