Cultivating Conscious Connection:

A Breathing Workshop

Grounding and Balancing

Coming back into your body through long, deep breathing.

Emily introduces a simple breath practice to cultivate a deeper connection to the present moment. This will be preliminary to her upcoming Live presentation, Cultivating Conscious Connection: A Breathing Workshop

12 min.

Breath of Fire Demo

To release toxins and strengthen immunity.

Learning to bring awareness to the navel point, increasing the depth and pace of the breath to a powerful Breath of Fire. This breath will increase immunity, release toxins and let go of stagnant energy from inside the body.

10:11 min.

Breathwork Workshop

Connecting to the breath is one of the quickest ways to process emotions, come back to center, and let go of tension in the mind, body & Spirit.

This is a powerfully transformational breathing technique that creates noticeable results in a short time.

 40:12 min.

Emily Monette Perry

California, USA

Intuitive Life Coach Energy Healer Yoga / Meditation / Breathwork Teacher Founder of Colorfully Conscious

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