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A bit about Anita

Anita is a personal trainer with her own private studio in London, England. She has trained people as young as 14 and adults as old as 71 from needs such as fat loss and body transformations, prepping for an international and national sporting event, learning to stand up out of a wheelchair and take a few steps again, to help to get a client ready for a special occasion or just learning how to safely train and eat in a way that can be sustained for LIFE.

She believes that fitness is for everyone and that everyone should have access to doing something they love to stay fit and healthy! Her approach is to remove the barriers, endeavour to make it fun (even for ‘gym haters’!) and she truly believes it is never too late and you are never too old to look after yourself.

Episode 1 : Nutrition Basics at Home

How to eat well during this time and what our bodies need to thrive!

♥ How to structure meals.
♥ What are macronutrients.
♥ How to eat if things are limited

Click here to watch the video and access the download.

14:27 min.

Episode 2 : Setting up Fitness at Home

When you are limited on space and equipment, what you can use to get a great workout in a really small space!

I’ll be showing some things people can use at home that are both conventional or unconventional to get a great workout.

8:32 min.

Episode 3 : Working Out with Anita at Home!

Anita takes you through a workout that you can do along with her and her husband Martyn!

1 hr

Anita Albrecht

New Zealand expat now living in London, England

TV Fitness Presenter Writer Personal Trainer Metafit & Sports Conditioning Coach Nutritional Therapist Nutrition Advisor

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