Personal Development

When creating something of lasting value, the process is painstaking. But during times of disruption, even the best-laid plans need adjusting to accommodate changing environments. Designing your life is in your hands.  Make it the best that it can be with tips from our experts.

Embracing Your Fears

Presented by Michele Schalin, Founder of Mindful Transformation.

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Who wants to embrace or hug their fears? If I embrace them will they get bigger? We want to get away from them – look the other way.

18 min

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Introduction

Presented by Elizabeth Lily, a Mindset Coach

50:19 min

Making Peace With Our Minds

Presented by Anahi Ortiz Prieto – The Self Worth Coach

25 min

Embracing Change Through Connection

Presented by Emily Rogers, Founder of Expat Parenting Abroad

13:04 min

How To Turn Crisis Into An Opportunity By Changing Your Mindset

Presented by Elizabeth Lily, a Mindset Coach

Four essential steps to how you can find opportunities in a crisis.

42:41 min

Reinvent Yourself With Colour

Presented by Elizabeth Lily, a Colour Consultant trained by Color Me Beautiful.

12:19 min

The Art of Grieving - A Personal Story

Presented by Catherina Petit-van Hoey

In May 2012 personal tragedy struck when Catherina’s youngest daughter suddenly died at the age of 22, from a form of sepsis.

Part 1 – 20:48 min
Part 2 – 15:57 min
Part 3 – 20:40 min

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