Professional  Development

Upside down. Topsy-turvy. No matter how you look at it, the world has changed. Economies have shifted. Daily routines altered. We are looking to find new norms in a shifting work environment.

5-Day Build a Website Challenge

Presented by SiteGround, RensWebs and Virtual Tidbits.

5-Part Series

Shifting Your Career Trajectory

Presented by Monique Daigneault

2-Part Series

Planning in Uncertain Times

Presented by Carmita Prieto

Presentation 17:30 min 
Workshop 1 hr 45 min 

How to Make More Money With Great Contracts

Presented by Ananbel Kaye

Presentation 7:04 min 
Workshop 1 hr 25 min 

Securing Your Next Role: Key Steps Series

Presented by Kuldish Sibia, HR Professional

6-Part Series

Shifting Career Focus in an Upside Down Workplace

Presented by Howard Fishman, Founder of Boomer Rising

5-Part Series

How To Stay On Top Of Online Tech In An Ever Changing World

Presented by Anke Herrmann

3-Part Series

10 Best Networking Tips!

Presented by Michele Schalin

30 min

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