21-days to a Healthier YOU!

February 1-21, 2022

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Day 15 Adventure | How to use EFT to handle emotions!

When we’re on this holistic adventure we need to be able to detox and handle different emotions so we can stay on track and continue the journey. One of my favourite techniques is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or ‘tapping’ for short.

It’s also known as acupuncture without needles and we tap on the meridian points that are linked to certain emotions and organs in the body. It’s based on the Chinese  meridian system and helps to unblock stuck energy in the body that can lead to stress and illness.

The best time is to tap when we feel the emotion at it’s strongest to release the energy, but I know this isn’t always possible if we’re in work or doing other things.

Close your eyes and connect with the energy and take a score from 0 – 10 (10 being the highest), tune in to how strong you’re feeling the emotion e.g. upset, anger, frustration etc

Watch my video below to follow on the points to tap on the body and it’s important we acknowledge how we feel in the first part to release the energy of how we’re feeling.  Once we’ve done that we can bring in the positive statements and hopefully you’ll start to feel calmer.

It’s great to find ways to empower you to handle your own emotions.

Watch it now!

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Mei Flynn is a Holistic Life Coach & Teacher who loves to empower others to achieve their goals by including Mind, Body & Soul. She loves to help people to identify and release any blocks to live the life they really want.

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