21-days to a Healthier YOU!

February 1-21, 2022

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Day 17 Adventure | Personal Branding

Ofttimes, we mix up between two essential questions “who am I in reality” and “whom am I posing as”. Being your own brand is having a unique identity and a coherent message that sets you apart from others. Your personal brand goes beyond the screen to how you actually carry yourself in real life and how others really perceive you.

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Meet Your Mentor

Diana Mereu

Mindset, Transformational and Empowerment Coach | Personal Brand Strategist | Author, Storyteller & Content Creative

Diana dedicates herself to advancing people’s journeys from functional to fantastical through mindset pivot techniques.

A pharmacist by profession and a life-changer by choice, Diana has held various leadership positions in the healthcare industry for the past decade. Dotting the “i” by choice, not by chance became Diana’s mantra while breaking new ground towards the future of personal branding and personal transformation. Diana’s innate creativity is well reflected in her debut book, “On the LookOUT – for the better half”, where she discloses a part of her soul creating a manifesto on self-love. When she is not working (or writing), Diana recharges by traveling the world, discovering new cultures and catching green waves.

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