21-days to a Healthier YOU!

February 1-21, 2022

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Day 12 Adventure | Detox Yoga

This short liver and gallbladder yoga practice is a great morning or evening stretch to activate relaxation and the body detoxification system.

Watch the video below by Passport to Wellbeing Mentor, Julie Millour.

Watch it now!

Meet Your Mentor

Fertility Coach Susan Ritchie | Photo by Ursula Kelly @ Studiosoftbox.co.uk

Julie Millour

Health Consultant | Acupuncturist

In 2013 I quit my researcher and clinical researcher job in the UK to start my own healing journey traveling around the world. I have crossed several continents, traveled and lived in 9 different countries and studied multiple types of yoga,nutrition, acupuncture, chinese medicine tools and herbal medicine.

Now, I use everything I’ve learnt to help women restore their health, find their hormonal balance to fully enjoy their lives.

Working together online and/or in person, we find the root cause of the issue and treat it holistically to restore the body machineries. The goal is for you to feel the best version of yourself and finally to thrive in your projects (changes, career, family, travels etc).

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