21-days to a Healthier YOU!

February 1-21, 2022

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Day 8 Adventure | Affirmations

The benefits of Affirmations are endless, they have helped a multitude of people all over the world achieve great things, but more importantly, they can help you make positive changes in your life.

What is an Affirmation?
An affirmation is usually a sentence of powerful words put together, like a positive statement, and this sentence is aimed to tap into your conscious and unconscious mind to motivate you, to challenge you, to push you to reach your full potential in life.

Mei Flynn, Passport to Wellbeing Mentor will show you how. Watch the video below and make sure to download your guide.

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Mei Flynn

Holistic Life Coach | Reiki Master

Mei Flynn is a Holistic Life Coach & Teacher who loves to empower others to achieve their goals by including Mind, Body & Soul. She loves to help people to identify and release any blocks to live the life they really want.

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