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Clear Your Space, Clear Your Life

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Clear Your Space, Clear Your Life

How your Clutter is Harming You (& how to fix it!)

Our society is into conspicuous consumption and many of you are not aware that this is killing us. Having too much stuff is not only a bad idea, but also a toxic one. Despite what the advertisements say, we have more than we need, and this is obvious from the multi-billion business for professional organizers and clutter clearers that have popped up over the last decade. Join me so I can clearly outline the seriously harmful things that your clutter is doing to you and your family so you can be motivated to make a change. Then I provide useful tips & tools on how to declutter your life for better wellbeing.

Meet Your Mentors

Tally Hershko of Tally Pilates LOVE Yourself Project passport

S. Lee Wright

Holistic Designer | Sustainable Living Advocate

The event is finished.

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