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Episode 7 | The Only Constant is Change

Coming Soon …. August 23 at 8pm CET

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The Only Constant is Change

The magic of unfiltered conversations & pearls of wisdom. 

Lynda will be leading this conversation and shares the following:

“Ever since spending the first half of my working life in the UK Diplomatic Service, moving frequently around the world, “change” became major theme for me. My book “Brains at the Border” explores the psychological and emotional challenges of such a nomadic existence and expat living generally. The stress of packing and travel, culture shock, language barriers, homesickness etc – all feature.

But nothing ever stays the same wherever we are globally. There are highs and lows. We wish good times would never end, yet they do transform and we need to accept that these bad times too will pass. Recent years have brought so much change, worry and anxiety for us all with the Covid 19 Pandemic and lockdowns, political and economic upheaval, climate changes and other disasters.

Against this background, change is inevitable all through our personal life too. Babies are born, children grow up, attend different schools and colleges, mature into adults, move house to new places of work, meet new people, develop fresh interests & relationships, marry, have children of their old, retire and eventually we all have to die.

At various times in our life, we will all experience different challenges. Bereavements, family break-ups, conflict with others, jobs starting and ending, unemployment, change in financial circumstances etc. As human beings we experience a whole range of emotions – both positive and negative.

It is part of the human condition in a world of duality. How can we know what is dark if we do not know light? How can we then know what joy and happiness feels like is if we never experience any pain and sadness!

So many people resist and fear change however. They become reluctant to leave their “comfort zone” even if there are opportunities for change that would bring great benefits. We develop into creatures of habit, dislike uncertainty and therefore avoid risks and may fail to live life to the fullest!

Life is all about choices. People who are perceived to be great achievers, or simply living contentedly in line with their values, are not afraid to feel their negative emotions and find ways to embrace change. They choose to follow their hearts and aim to see positive aspects even in difficult times.

Staying physically and mentally healthy means we are resilient and able to cope with changes. Diet and exercise, spiritual practices, meditation and mindfulness help to keep us fit and relaxed. Suppressed negative emotions will resurface in other ways as imbalances in both mind and body.

I myself work with the Emotion Code and Body Code energy healing techniques which provide rapid release for clients. No-one should be afraid to seek support if needed. Self-care is not a luxury. And yes, before we can help anyone else, we have to thrive first – we cannot pour from an empty cup!”

Come and join the conversation … pyjamas required!



Meet Your Mentors

Catherina Petit-van Hoey passport LOVE Yourself Project

Catherina Petit-van Hoey

Textile/Mixed Media Artist

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Lynda Brettle

Emotion Code Practitioner

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Mei Flynn

Holistic Confidence Coach

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Aug 23 2022


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