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Page turner or dust collector? Thought provoking, funny/sad, inspiring or empowering?

We love reading and want to share all the amazing books we’ve read with you. We hope they will inspire you to live your best life, give you ideas on how to work smarter or simply for the joy of it and escape your busy life.

On the 3rd of each month, we will kick off a discussion in our FB group and on the last Tuesday of every month, you can join our Live Group Discussion on Zoom by registering. We look forward to have you join us and discuss your experiences and share recommendations with like-minded people.

Book of the Month: October’s Pick



by Kaylie Kay

Made redundant from flying after 22 years, author Kaylie Kay talks about her latest novel Life Diverted, in which she explores the different ways she and her colleagues were affected when their airline flew into the pandemic.

Available on Amazon and The Crew Market

Book of the Month: September’s Pick



15 authors brought together by Claudia Roth

Trials, Tribulation, Triumphs and Discovery

15 women across the world share how resilience, stoicism, and courage shaped their lives: each bold enough to be brutally honest. Our stories are told courageously and candidly, stripped to the core.

Available on Amazon

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