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LYP Book Club

Page turner or dust collector? Thought provoking, funny/sad, inspiring or empowering?

We love reading and want to share all the amazing books we’ve read with you. We hope they will inspire you to live your best life, give you ideas on how to work smarter or simply for the joy of it and escape your busy life.

When I first came up with the book club idea, my thoughts were about how I love getting together in someone’s home or in a coffeeshop, and talking about books, drinking coffee/tea/wine, eating good food, and laughing about life. I also realized that sometimes it’s not always possible to meet in person, espcially when we want to do these things with friends who live far away. My solution? Online book club! Each month, one book will be chosen for the LYP book club. Throughout the month, we discuss on line via social media and towards the end of the month, we’ll get together on Zoom for a live discussion. Sometimes, we are in for a treat when the author(s) join in our discussions.

Come read with us,


Founder of LOVE Yourself Project

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