Life, Diverted

written by Kaylie Kay

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About Life, Diverted


A flight attendant’s tale of diversion and self-discovery when the pandemic grounds aviation and forces them to walk.

Carmen, Kate and Rachel stood side by side at the top of Mount Fuji and looked down at what they had just achieved.

‘Let’s make 2020 our year of adventures,’ hailed Kate.

If only these three flying friends could have known what 2020 had in store for them when they walked in, owning it, proclaiming it to be theirs.

When a global pandemic puts the aviation industry into a nosedive the three are faced with adventures far removed from the ones they had expected, and have to learn to navigate their own new routes.

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Meet Kaylie Kay

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Made redundant from flying after 22 years, author Kaylie Kay talks about her latest novel Life Diverted, in which she explores the different ways she and her colleagues were affected when their airline flew into the pandemic.

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