LOVE Yourself Project

April 22 – 24, 2020 

Fitness for your Body, Mind, and Business.

The LOVE Yourself Project was developed to provide access to speakers, health and well-being professionals and workshops specifically geared toward the unique experience of the expat lifestyle. We aim to bring health and well-being professionals to the forefront of the expat experience in Spain and around the world. We seek to promote empowerment, women’s leadership, cross-cultural learning, shared services and purposeful gatherings.

Everyday is a chance to improve your life!

The LOVE Yourself Project is a community-driven health and wellness initiative using behavior change techniques for a healthier lifestyle. While we had originally intended to hold regular public exhibitions in the great outdoors, the recent circumstances have dictated otherwise.

It’s almost as if Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms like naughty children to have a deep think about our bad behavior. In our respective rooms, we have been forced to use our child-like imaginations, resourcefulness, and creativity to meet our daily needs and keep us sane.

So, we’re going to take advantage of this renewed sense of inspiration and bring our inaugural exhibition to all of you all at home!

The Free Live Event

April 22nd – 24th

Please join us for the launch of our first online event, from April 22 – 24, 2020. The LOVE Yourself Project has chosen Earth Day to host this inaugural event because it fully embodies the spirit of community wellness that we hope to achieve with this new venture.

We have a diverse lineup planned for this FREE, LIVE online event, which will consist of informative presentations and demonstrations. The online event consists of 3 main categories: Body, Mind & Business. All the speakers for this event will touch on managing ourselves in light of the current pandemic situation, including how to move forward. 

We’ll kick off our event on April 22nd, starting with Healthy Body and a Pilates workshop featuring Tally Hershko of TallyPilates. Over the next three days, we’ll address your mind by taking a few minutes to work on a mini-meditation session followed by a presentation from one of our insightful coaches. Next up is our Healthy Business panel. Several business owners will be speaking on a variety of topics including young entrepreneurs, Markus Schafrath of Flying Bean Coffee, and Natalia Bautista of Brunch Corner. 

On April 24th, Chef Carmelo will be live with a delightful cooking demonstration. He will be preparing a dish created especially for the LOVE Yourself Project Inaugural event. Our Healthy Business panel will include individual presentations followed by a panel discussion with Carmita Prieto of Carmita Prieto Consulting, Julie Colan, founder of award-winning Secret Whispers and Ali Meehan, founder of Costa Women. During the discussion, they will cover The Value of Networking and How to Move Forward in Your Business During Challenging Times!

April 22

Pilates Workshop

Cannabis, the world’s most controversial plant

10-minute Mindfulness and Meditation

Self Care for Moms in times of quarantine

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Making peace with our Brains

Smart Money Transfers

Demystifying the Spanish NIE and Other Paperwork

April 23

Barre Training

Power of Your Posture

10-minute Mindfulness and Meditation

Reclaiming your Unconditional Worthiness

Beyond a double-shot Latte

How we try to minimize the impact of Covid 19 in our business

Discussion on Business Strategies for Today’s Global Economy

April 24

Lockdown Lifestyle

Cooking demonstration by Chef Carmelo

10-minute Mindfulness and Meditation

Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Life

Vision and Objectives to Achieve Success.

Secret Whispers, the leakage controversy

Staying Connected in an Unconnected World

Panel Discussion – Healthy Business

Can’t attend the Live Sessions?

We’ve got you covered! We are offering a Virtual Passport containing details for each presenter along with the resources from their live sessions for just 5€ which is a great option if you can’t make the live event or want to re-watch the sessions again in the future.

Moving Forward

The plan moving forward is to host events (in-person or online as the situations allow) every month. Each event will have a different theme and the topics will always vary. Be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow #LOVEYOURSELFPROJECTVLC on Instagram to receive all of the latest updates!

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