Inaugural Event April 22, Day 1

LOVE Yourself Project

Tally Hershko


Pilates Workshop & Demonstration.

Have a mat ready to be able to join in!

Lisa Guerra

Cannabis Lifestyle Coach

Cannabis, the world’s most controversial plant

I’ll be sharing how cannabis helps mind, body, and spirit during lockdown. I’ll be covering these 3 key points:

  • How using cannabis can help your MIND cope with anxiety and depression
  • How cannabis works on creating balance in your BODY
  • How cannabis can boost your SPIRIT and become part of your daily self care routine

Camilla Quintana

Certified Life & Relationship Coach for expat women

Self Care for Moms in times of quarantine

In light of the current events, moms’ lives all over the globe have turned upside down: their kids are at home all day, need their help with home-schooling or their company for playing, housework has increased and many have to continue working from home in a less than ideal setting. Self-care would be important… but there simply is no time or privacy for it!

Camilla will tackle these challenges and offer some practical, doable solutions so that you can still take care of your own mental wellbeing in the midst of all the craziness!

Michele Schalin

Mindful Transformation

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality!

The Mind-Body Connection is no longer a debate. Science has proven that what you think has a direct link to your physical health. When you feel anxious and fearful it actually weakens your immune system. Learn how to have more control of your thoughts and have a higher quality of life! Once you are aware, you have more choices in the way you respond to your environment and you will feel more peaceful, content and grateful.

Anahi Ortiz-Prieto

The Self-Worth Coach

Making peace with our Brains – Shifting our Perceptions with BWRT and Self-Care:

How do we change our behaviour when we have always been the same? What if we could radically transform the way we react to our experiences with only a 30-min session? This is what BWRT proposes with its groundbreaking and science backed resources. Through a fast and interactive therapy session, clients can transform the neuropathways that drive their actions and, through it, free themselves from habits and old beliefs.

Toni Wilson

Currencies Direct

Smart Money Transfers

Currencies Direct is a Registered Electronic Money Institution. They handle money transfers from all around the World using daily exchange rates.

Keith Gorman

Consultant – LM Lawyers Valencia

Demystifying the Spanish NIE and Other Paperwork

Empadronamento, NIE, Residency: What they are, Common confusions, Tips and How and Where to apply.
Q&A is welcome.