Inaugural Event April 23, Day 2

LOVE Yourself Project

Ditte Wendt

La Barra Valencia

Barre Workshop & Demonstration

All you need is a chair or wall to join in!

Vicente Sanchis

Conecta Quiropráctica

The Power of Your Posture

How the overuse of technology affects our posture

Reactivation of posture to wake up our brain

Tips to prevent premature health conditions of or our neuromusculoskeletal system. 

Anahi Oritz-Prieto

The Self-Worth Coach

Reclaiming your Unconditional Worthiness – One self-Loving decision at a time:

What if we could anchor every decision, action, thought and behaviour in pure and infinite love for the most important human in your life – Yourself. With a thought-provoking and interactive talk, Anahi invites you to dare to reclaim your Self-Worth, commit to abundant Self-Care to fuel your days with the best resources, and through this transform the world forever. Are you ready?

Markus Schafrath

Flying Bean Coffee

Beyond a double-shot Latte

What lessons can be learned from the current social and economical circumstances? A look into my own coffee business and its application to the field of entrepreneurship.

Natalia Bautista

Brunch Corner

How we are trying to minimize the impact of Covid-19 in our business

Share the different strategies and decisions that the CEO of Brunch Corner is undertaking during this situation of uncertainty and try to save the project she started 6 years ago.

Panel discussion

Join in on this lively discussion about strategies businesses can use in the current global economy.

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