Inaugural Event April 24, Day 3

LOVE Yourself Project

Inez Robinson

Health and Wellness Coach

Lockdown Lifestyle

Let me share some tips with you on how easy it is to follow the  80/20 rule of nutrition to exercise and how it can fit around a hectic modern lifestyle.


Carmelo Alfaro

Chef Carmelo International Cuisine

Cooking Demonstration

Come and join us for a live cooking demonstration. Chef Carmelo has crafted a special dish for the inaugural edition of LOVE Yourself Project.

Michele Schalin

Mindful Transformation

Change Your Beliefs & Change Your Life

Did you know you operate your life 95% of the time from your subconscious brain?
We all have self-sabotaging beliefs in some area of our life that holds us back from what we desire.
You can change this! Once your subconscious beliefs align with the desires you have it is much easier to obtain what you want in life!

Carmita Prieto

Carmita Prieto Consulting

The Importance of Shared Business Vision & Objectives

Does your company use a compass, to achieve its goals and objectives? Healthy finances are important to any business but having a clear, long-term vision (the compass) to achieve its goal and objectives are equally important. 

We’ll explore the origins of your business vision, how it creates the foundation for your business objectives and why sharing both, vision and objectives with your team will help you create a more resilient business organisation.

Julie Colan

Secret Whispers

Do you leak when you sneeze? 

Join Julie Colan as she debunks the myths surrounding leakage and shares the importance of a healthy pelvic floor.


Ali Meehan


Staying Connected in an Unconnected World

We will explore the importance of networking in the new world. How to take the ‘work’ out of building your net. And make a plan to get you new connections who you can convert to raving fans.

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