June 25, 2020

Day 1

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Reinventing Yourself in a New World

Welcome to Day 1 of our Summer Edition.

The old world is in a topsy-turvy place while the global community waits on the edge for a new world definition. If there is a silver lining in this pandemic maelstrom, it is that many of us are re-evaluating our lives, re-assessing our lifestyles and finding ways to do more with less.

While we wait to emerge from the cocoon of uncertainty, our minds turn to the future. Will life ever return to normal? Will my current skills be relevant in the new workplace? What’s waiting for ME on the other side?

Reinventing oneself can mean different things to different people. A change in diet, start a new physical routine, clear emotional clutter, educational fulfillment, to name a few. To reinvent yourself in an evolving work environment can seem more daunting. Perhaps even counter-intuitive given the unknown variables that workplaces are now faced with.

We encourage you to spend time over the next three days with our global presenters as they share their strategies, personal stories and action-worthy tips. Valuable arsenal you can use in your journey to personal reinvention. In the comfort of your own home. No passport required.

Explore. Be agile. Re-ignite your career. Build a new one. Focus on creating a life of clarity and purpose. This is the new world. This is it.

Vilma Usaite

Life & Career Coach
Vilnius, Lithuania

Monique Daigneault

MD Consulting
Arizona,  USA

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