June 26, 2020

Day 2

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Creating Your Life by Design

Welcome to Day 2 of our Summer Edition.

We are the architects of our own life. We may have a vision and a plan, but do we truly know how to build a strong foundation? Are we staying true to our values? Does our blueprint include execution of a ‘Plan B’ or ‘Plan C’ when the ground unexpectedly shifts beneath our bedrock?

During times of uncertainty and global upheaval, values are revisited and impact how we react to evolving situations in the home and workplace. A well-designed life plan can help guide us during life’s hiccups.

Crafting a life of intentional living and purpose is a goal for many of us. There’s no time like the present to re-ignite a passion project or transform a career.

Today on Day 2 we’ll navigate through the stages of designing a life that’s unique to you. Engage, be curious, and become a master builder. Access the tools you need to start the groundwork for a resilient life.

Howard Fishman

California, USA

Anke Herrmann

Passion Business Coach
Andalusia, Spain

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