June 27, 2020

Day 3

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Understanding Your (Re)Transformation

Welcome to Day 3 of our Summer Edition.

What do an artist, a musician, a writer and YOU have in common?

All are constantly evolving, re-inventing and transforming. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are in a constant state of self-evaluation and redesign to reach your full potential.. to find the ‘IT factor’ that defines you.

We all have genuine gifts – talents and skills – which on the surface may appear to be similar to others who offer the same abilities. Yet upon reflection, we discover that everyone’s journey to an authentic self is as original as it is varied.

Every path to authenticity, be it personal or career, is unique. Life is a kaleidoscope of distinctive scenes that should be accepted and examined, explored and relished. The most fulfilling experiences can culminate in lessons learned which propel us toward personal enrichment.

“Err on the side of caution” OR “Throw caution to the wind”. Which statement resonates with YOU? We need to understand our best course of action to confront the evolving shift in the workplace. And simultaneously make an impact as an agent of change.

Our speakers are ready to share their strategies and personal transformation stories with you.

Continue your (re)transformation at our LIVE online workshops in July. Register here.

Carmita Prieto

Carmita Prieto Consulting
Valencia, Spain

Kuldish Sibia

All Things Tech & Talent
London, England

Elizabeth Lily

Master Energy Healer & Life Coach 
Malaga, Spain

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