Meet Your Mentors

Listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Ali Meehan LOVE Yourself Project passport

Ali Meehan

Founder of Costa Women

Malaga, Spain

Anita-Albrecht LOVE Yourself Project passport

Anita Albrecht

Fitness  Instructor | Actress

London, England

Anahi-Oritz-Prieto LYP passport

Anahi Oritz Prieto

The Self Worth Coach | Author | Speaker

Doha, Qatar

Angele-Cristina LYP passport

Angele Cristina

Camera Confidence Coach

Leipzig, Germany

Anke-Herrmann LYP Passport

Anke Herrmann

Passionate Coach | Tech Mentor

Andalusia, Spain

Annabel-Kaye LYP Passport

Annabel Kaye

Founder of Koffeeklatch

Surrey, England

Aroa Fernández Ferrer LOVE Yourself Project Passport

Aroa Fernández

Emotional Nutrition and Concious Eating

Valencia, Spain

Bimpe Adepoju LYP Passport

Bimpe Adepoju

Online Business Entrepreneur

Gandia, Spain

Camilla-Quintana LYP Passport

Camilla Quintana

Relationship Coach for women who live and love abroad

Bilbao, Spain

Carissa-Samuelu LYP Passpport

Carissa Samuelu

Proactive Well-being | Natural Solutions

Alicante, Spain


Carmelo Alfaro

Professional Chef | Cooking Instructor

Valencia, Spain

Carmita Prieto LYP Passport

Carmita Prieto

Founder of Carmita Prieto Consulting

Valencia, Spain

Catherina Petit-van Hoey passport LOVE Yourself Project

Catherina Petit-van Hoey

Textile/Mixed Media Artist

Hemel Hempstead, England

Celine LOVE Yourself Project Passport

Celine de Castro

LOVE Yourself Project

Alicante, Spain

Claudia Roth LOVE Yourself Project Passport

Claudia Roth

Founder of Soul Luxury: Spiritual Mentor & Author, Retreat Facilitator

London, England

Diana Mereu LOVE Yourself  Project passport

Diana Mereu

Coach | Consultant | Author

Bucharest, Romania

Ditte Wendt LYP Passport

Ditte Wendt

La Barra Valencia | Barre Training

Valencia, Spain

Ditte Wendt LYP Passport

Edyta Niewinska

Script coach | Novelist | Screenwriter | Co-founder of Book the Time

Andalucia, Spain

Elizabeth-Lily LYP Passport

Elizabeth Lily

Transformational Life Coach |  Author


Emily Monette Perette LYP Passport

Emily Monette Perry

Founder of Colorfully Conscious

California, USA

Emily-Rogers LYP Passport

Emily Rogers

Founder of Leap to Lead

Auckland, New Zealand

Enric-M-Catala LYP Passport

Enric M. Catala

Abstract Art Painter | Passionate Philologist

Valencia, Spain

Holly-Renaut LYP Passport

Holly Renaut

Actress | Director | Accent Coach

Madrid, Spain

Howard-Fishman LOVE Yourself Project Passport

Howard Fishman

Writer | Expat | Coach

California, USA

Jennifer-Lisette-Lopez LYP Passport

Jennifer Lisette Lopez

Movement Coach

Madrid, Spain

Julie Millour LOVE Yourself Project passport

Julie Millour

Women’s Health Practitioner | Dr in Biology | Nutritionist | Acupuncturist | Yoga Teacher

Malaga, Spain

Katerina-Angelova LYP Passport

Katerina Angelova

Affiliate Partnership Manager at SiteGround Web Hosting Company


Kaylie Kay LOVE Yourself Project passport

Kaylie Kay

Flight attendant turned author

Southampton, England

Kuldish-Sibia LYP Passport

Kuldish Sibia

HR Professional | All Things Tech

London, England

Kuldish-Sibia LYP Passport

Lynda Brettle

Emotion Code Practitioner | Life Coach | Author

Alicante, Spain

LYP Passport Malgorzata Zebrowska

Małgorzata Żebrowska

Writer | Creativity coach

Warsaw, Poland

Martha Miller LOVE Yourself Project passport

Martha Miller

Author of Times New Roman

Valencia, Spain

LYP Passport Mei Flynn

Mei Flynn

Holistic Confidence Coach

Marbella, Spain


Michele Schalin

Founder of Mindful Transformation

Texas, USA

Miguel-Angel-Font-Bisier LYP Passport

Miguel Angel Font Bisier

Film Director | Script Writer | Researcher

Valencia, Spain


Monique Daigneault

Founder of MD Consulting

Arizona, USA

LYP Passport Nav Sohanpaul

Nav Sohanpaul

Women’s Mindset Coach | NLP Practitioner

Windsor, England

Nicole-Brook-Schwartz-LYP Passport

Nicole Brooke Schwartz

ConfiDANCE Coach

Barcelona, Spain


Nicole Woodcock

Clinical Hypnotherapist | Founder of Award-Winning Hummingbird Hypnotherapy

Lincolnshire, England

LYP Passport Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Ontario, Canada

Ren Caldwell LYP Passport

Ren Caldwell

Owner of RensWebs

Arizona, USA

Rosie Ignacz LYP Passport

Rosie Ignacz

Founder of CloneRosy Chess Community

Dublin, Ireland

LYP Passport Sabeena Shahid

Sabeena Shahid

Self Mastery | Management Coach | Consultant

Bali, Indonesia


Sandi Goodwin

Abstract Artist | Author

Valencia, Spain

Tally Hershko of Tally Pilates LOVE Yourself Project passport

Sue Ritchie

Holistic Fertility Coach | Gut Health and Nutrition | Author | Speaker

England and Spain

Tally Hershko of Tally Pilates LOVE Yourself Project passport

Tally Hershko

Pilates and Flexibility Coach

Valencia, Spain


Teresa Gordon

Founder of Circle Square Media | Actress

Ohio, USA

Vilma Usaite LYP Passport

Vilma Usaite

Certified Life & Career Coach | Podcast Host

Vilnius, Lithuania

Wolfgang and Agata Eigner

New Digital Media Inc.

Spain, Poland, Austria

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