profile photo of Ali Meehan, founder of Costa Women, by Inbal Hillel

Ali Meehan

Creator of Planners | Online course about moving to Spain | Author | TV presenter |serial inpat | Love Spain, drinking proper tea, orchids, and beaches.

Meet Ali

“We are all unique beautiful beings who can communicate our own Youniqueness. We each have a different story, a different way of communicating, a different way of using social media, a different ORIGIN that makes us ORIGINAL! Stand up and be counted with your YOUniqueness.”

Ali Meehan, Costa Women

Constant change is here to stay. Whether that’s moving overseas OR launching or upgrading your business. Ali Meehan has been and is your journey. That could be running your passion business, or living overseas, or both.

As a woman in business since the 1980s with global careers in Spain, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, she understands the challenges. Having a business is simple, it’s just not easy. That coupled with life in another country can bring additional challenges.

Listening to her community of business women, she totally hears and gets that confusion.
– You want more time, to do less and yet still run a successful business.
– You offer your gifts and talents in a wellness or wellbeing niche and
need support to take your business to the next level.
– You are looking for a way to check out your ideas to see if they work
for your business, to make sure you make the right decisions at the
right time.

There is so much confusion in the world now, you aren’t sure where to start.

That’s why Ali decided to share her knowledge and skills with Women as an Avenue Growth coach. To help you increase YOUR PROFITS, IMPACT, whilst finding JOY in building your business.

On one of Avenue’s learning by doing courses, or through one to one coaching, Ali shares tactics, rituals and beliefs that every business needs to implement in order to experience fast and sustainable growth.

Avenue for Growth with Ali Meehan


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