Angèle Cristina

Camera Confidence Coach | Female Empowerment Mentor | Founder of Wondrous Online Women (WOW)

Meet Angèle

Angèle Cristina is a strong female entrepreneur who loves to help women get camera confident and discover their true powers. Her buzzing energy makes them believe they can do it. She loves to address the fears they feel are keeping them back from being the best version of themselves and unveil a new reality full of joy, fun, and love.

Angèle is from the tiny island of Malta where she used to be a drama teacher and TV presenter. She then moved to Ireland for 4 years and that is where Wondrous Online Women was born. After living in Spain in Malaga on the Costa del Sol, she and her husband moved to Leipzig, Germany where she currently resides. Her online business allows her to travel and share her knowledge and message anywhere in the world. Angèle is also a powerful public speaker and Online TV Show Host.


Camera Confidence : Attract Your Ideal Client by Being Your True Self

As an ex-TV presenter and now co-host of Costa Women TV on the Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain, Angèle loves helping women gain confidence in front of the camera and show up as their true self, to attract their ideal clients. In her session, she will be sharing her best tips for any beginners looking to learn this skill, great tricks for those who want to improve on what they already are doing and expert advice on what to do technically to achieve the best looking video/Livestream in the most simple way. She will also be sharing her guidance on how one can show up as their true self in front of a camera.

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