Anke Herrmann

Passionate Coach (Certified Clarity Coach & Mentor) Business & Online Tech Mentor Podcast Host Author Dressmaker Crazy Dog Lady

Originally from Germany I have lived in Australia and the UK before, in 2004, I decided to leave the corporate world behind, move to Spain and turn a dream into reality: to combine two passions of mine – sewing and flamenco – as a dressmaker for flamenco artists, creating made to measure costumes for professional flamenco dancers, singers and flamenco enthusiasts from Andalusia and all over the world.

If you’re now wondering how on earth a German girl ends up in Andalusia making flamenco dance costumes I’ve written about that over at Flamenco Dressmaking.

That’s what you may have read about me but it’s only part of the story. Even if it looks romantic from the outside it took some time and hard lessons before the business became a success and I reached a point where I decided to become a coach so I can help others turn their passion into a stable, thriving business.