Auretha Callison

Holistic Soul Coach | Personal/Brand Stylist

Meet Auretha

I am a Holistic Soul Coach + Personal/Brand Stylist.

I provide guidance to self-aware/soul-centered business owners, speakers, and everyday people in up-leveling their personal and brand visibility to match their inner self, soul, and purpose.

I guide my clients to find their own authentic and attractive image and brand expression that matches their expertise and authority.

Underneath creating an attractive image, accurate marketing, and personal confidence, my passion is to transform self-sabotage, defeating behaviors, and poor self-esteem by addressing root issues and beliefs.

I have been in business since 2004 and have over 8 years of in-person training in body-mind coaching from The Hendricks Institute, and 15 years of continuing education.

Over the last 18 years, using all these gifts as a personal stylist, artist, coach, and intuitive, my clients began to ask me to help them extend the work we did together (finding their own unique style and life purpose) to design cohesive marketing and image branding to help bring their businesses in alignment with their life purpose.

My services evolved to extend those additional services because I deeply knew and understood my clients and it was easy for me to make those recommendations.

Whether or not you have a business, a brand, or just feel the desire to connect with me as a stylist for a happier closet, you need to know that I have a gift to clearly SEE people.

I can easily spot needed adjustments in image, business, and mindset that make you feel comfortable in your own skin – and in your marketing.

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