Camilla Quintana

Certified Life & Relationship Coach for women who live and love abroad

Meet Camilla

“Living abroad is not what defines you – only what you make of yourself and of your life does”.
Let’s start making the best of yours!

Camilla Quintana

Are you ready to create a truly fulfilled life abroad on your terms? To find meaning and purpose, enjoy flourishing relationships and develop a profound feeling of “being at home” within yourself, regardless of where you’re currently based or how long you’ll be there for?

Then you’re in the right place: I’m Camilla Quintana, a certified Life & Relationship Coach for women who live and love abroad.

My specialty? Showing you how to create the kind of life you don’t have to use a filter on, regardless of your postcode! I do that with the help of my signature concepts and 4 Pillar Approach, which looks at the key areas in your life you’ll need to build and strengthen.

I myself have been an expat, repat, and lovepat for almost 2 decades. I’ve moved abroad under many different circumstances: first, out of my own initiative for studies and work; then, following my husband’s career. And most recently as a family, together with our two little, multicultural boys who we want to feel rooted and stable while embracing our international lifestyle.

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