Carmelo Alfaro

Professional Chef | Cooking Instructor

Meet Chef Carmelo

CHEF CARMELO with extensive experience and international experience has traveled many countries in the world in order to meet different gastronomic cultures, MEXICO, PERU, PANAMA, VENEZUELA, UNITED STATES, FRANCE, SPAIN, ITALY, places that are characterized by their culinary creativity that have enriched his extensive professional career and have filled his life with flavors and fusions.

This experience has led to the need to share all this knowledge through its facet as a teacher and chef instructor thus managing to transmit professionally from the basics of international cuisine as the culinary specialties of the world. In addition to his expertise in restaurants, gastronomic events, international festivals, private dinners and executive chef in companies.

He teaches basic culinary techniques at all levels, artisan bakery, handmade bakery, various international food courses (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Italian, French, low calorie cuisine, etc). In addition to etiquette, protocol, oenology, selection, assembly of dishes and costs for elaboration of menu, etc.

Currently, his need to travel the world and experience the richness and diversity of international cuisine has led him to establish himself in VALENCIA, SPAIN , a cosmopolitan city, rich in gastronomy with the versatility cuisine par excellence

Cooking with Chef Carmelo

Breakfast / Brunch / Desserts

Three Milk Chocolate Cake

Three Milk Chocolate Cake

Three Milk Chocolate Cake Reinventing is a fundamental part of cooking. Fill the traditional Three Milk Cake with chocolate and for rich and delicious flavor.

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Side Dishes

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Main Dishes

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