Ditte Wendt

La Barra Valencia | Barre Training

Meet Ditte

“Barre Training:
For a fit balanced body and mind.”

Ditte Wendt, originally from Denmark, trained as a dancer in Norway. She had lived abroad working as a dancer, choreographer and teacher in Belgium, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. In August 2019 she moved to Valencia to create her future.

From her own experience on how to maintain your body the best possible way and at the same time enjoying her workout, discovering new sides of her body and mind, and feeling comfortable in a safe none judgmental environment, she became passionate about teaching barre Workouts and dance for adults!


Barre Training

What is Barre Training?

Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class – combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, and yoga.

7-Day Challenge

Join Ditte during her training when Spain was in lockdown in 2020.

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