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Meet Elizabeth Lily

Elizabeth Lily is a Transformational Life Coach, Mindset Coach, and Master Energy Healer. She is also the founder of the Abundance Attractor System and the creator of Superior EFT. On her website elizabethlily.com she shares tips and techniques to help you live your best life.

Do you want to live with more ease, joy, and effortlessness? Do you want to experience more flow and abundance in your life? It all starts within! By changing your thoughts, your life will transform! Elizabeth Lily helps you do that using effective and powerful techniques that she’s perfected over the last twenty years.

By implementing these techniques, she has created a dream life for herself in the South of Spain, together with the love of her life. Now she’s here to help you to make your dreams a reality.

Elizabeth is also a Colour Consultant trained by Color Me Beautiful, and a Business Image Consultant.


How to Turn Crisis into an Opportunity by Changing Your Mindset

Four essential steps to how you can find opportunities in a crisis.

My Story:
How I turned my life around by changing my mindset – and how you can too!

Step One: Assume Responsibility For Your Life.
Learn my secrets to how you can change the outcome of any event.

Step Two: Get Out of Fear and Access Your Creativity.
Learn what happens in our minds when we get scared, and how to get back into logic and creativity, qualities that are needed if you are going to find opportunities in a crisis.

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique – a powerful method that can erase your fear and limiting beliefs.

Step Three: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

In this section, you will learn how the mind and the subconscious mind works.

Learn how one single limiting belief can affect an entire life.

95% of the mind is subconscious. I will teach you how to find hidden, subconscious limiting beliefs so that they can be removed.

Step Four: Set the Filters of Your Mind to Find Opportunities

In this step, you will learn how you can change the filters of your mind, to stop looking for danger, and start looking for opportunities to get to your end goal much faster.

You will also learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind with positive symbols and images, making it easier to create your dream reality for yourself.

Exercise: Step Into Your Ideal Life
In this exercise, you will step into your ideal life to start programming the filters of your mind to find opportunities as well as reprogram your subconscious mind for success.

Emotional Freedom Technique – introduction and demo

Emotional Freedom Technique is an acupressure technique used for easing fears and stress, based on the Chinese meridian system that is used for acupuncture. But instead of using needles, we use our fingers to tap on a point to stimulate it, while focusing on negative emotion.

Emotional Freedom Technique was created in 1979 by a psychotherapist named Roger Callahan. He was interested in the Chinese meridian system and he had his patients start tapping on different acupoints during his sessions. He was fascinated to see that suddenly phobias and fears went away in record time, even physical pain started going away for some patients.

Since then, the Emotional Freedom Technique has been refined and developed by experts in the field. Now the method is scientifically proven and recognized worldwide by therapists, counselors, and trauma experts. It’s successfully been used by survivors of genocide and war veterans to ease their post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s also used by professional athletes to improve their results and by regular people who want to remove limiting beliefs, fears, and old mental programs so that they can live with more peace, achieve goals easier, and have more success and abundance in their life.

It’s incredibly easy to use, and once you know it and use it, it will change your life!

Reinvent Yourself With Colour

Elizabeth Lily is a Certified Life Coach and Master Energy Healer who specializes in reprogramming the subconscious mind with easy to use techniques. She is passionate about helping people to step out of fear and limitations and into ease and joy.

Elizabeth is also a Colour Consultant trained by Color Me Beautiful, and a Business Image Consultant.

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