Emily Rogers

Founder Expat Parenting Abroad

Meet Emily

An award winning coach, Emily has lived abroad for over 20 years and both her daughters were born in India. With Expat Parenting Abroad, Emily combines her personal experience and professional career in Human Resources to provide coaching support for expat mums.

Emily supports expat mums through her weekly blog, online courses and individual coaching. She helps expat mums to not only get the most out of their experience abroad, but supports them to find meaning in their experience.

Fun Fact – On arriving in Mumbai, heavily pregnant, I thought the security guard wanted to hug me and I leaned in for a big bear hug… she actually wanted to pat me down!?!


Embracing Change Through Connection

Times of uncertainty and change brings opportunities. Using these three simple steps to create connection, you too can embrace change and uncertainty and support your family – create a connection without taking on the burden; listen to your kids, but don’t try to fix everything, and get clarity of expectations. This short workshop, less than 15 minutes, will guide you through these steps and the workbook will provide you with actions you can take today.

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