Enric M. Catala

Abstract Artist  Passionate Philologist

Meet Enric

Said about him:
Beyond the abstract geometric, the paintings of Enric M. Català exceed the cold minimalism and connects with the tradition of Mondrian or Klee and Mark Rothko, with special reference to Joan Miró in the formal and essential aspect: the rhythm of the plot of colors and composition. According to his words, the author tries to ”reconnect abstraction that should retain its austerity and great ambition while doing itself much more specific in their content… My position is not puritanical, it is deeply sensual…“

Degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universitat Politècnica de València, where he also did doctoral studies.

Expanded studies of drawing in Holbaeck (Denmark), incision and intaglio techniques in Urbino (Italy), of oil painting in Welshpool (Wales) and of the History of Modern Art in Cambridge, (England), Wagner College (New York), Regis College (Denver, Colorado) and at the University of San Francisco (California).

He has exhibited in Valencia (Val-i-30) Torrent (La Torre), Castelló (Cànem) Xàtiva, Tarragona (La Rambla) Art Xerea (València) and Vinalesa, l’Eliana, Cullera, Sueca, Almussafes and Pobla de Vallbona.

His works are in private collections in València, Barcelona, ​​Paris, New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Cristiansand, ect. His work also appears in the collection MARTINEZ – GURRICABEITIA of the University of València and at the Museum Salvador Allende of Chile.


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