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Meet Holly

I am a multi-passionate, endlessly curious creativity addict, and despite what people keep telling me, I refuse to have just one career!

I’m passionate about storytelling, language, the arts, and community, and theatre is the perfect medium for all of those qualities to flourish. I have studied and performed with the cream of the crop, and my journey has taken me from Canada, where I was born, to London, Hong Kong, the USA, Ireland, Scotland, Kenya, and Spain, where I have lived and worked in both English and Spanish for the past 5 years.

When I’m not in front of a camera or an audience, you can find me teaching people all over the world how to speak with different accents. I love this work and have been doing it for 16 years now. It’s physical, neurological, fascinating, and I can’t believe I’ve found a career that allows me to literally make funny faces professionally. I am currently writing and recording my first fully online course, to make this work more accessible to language learners as well as to the acting community.

I am also in the beginning phase of producing a documentary, called “Into the Rift” in collaboration with the Trans-rift trail project in Kenya. As part of this, I have published a storybook for children aged 5-105, and the proceeds from the sales of this book will all be put into the project. I’ll be hiking through Kenya’s Rift Valley, accompanied by all sorts of people, from park rangers to the governor, and from anti-poaching teams to local artists and business owners. The project has taken a slight detour thanks to Covid-19, but if I’ve learned anything yet in this life, it’s that we must learn to pivot and swerve but never to stop.

I am delighted to be a part of the LOVE Yourself Project. My aim has always been to help connect people to each other, to lift other people up and show off what their incredible talents are, and to celebrate each and every success. I believe life should be full of adventure, laughter, curiosity, learning, beauty, and rich conversations. This platform is home to all of those things, and I feel lucky and grateful to be a part of it.

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