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Meet Howard

Howard is a writer, expat, and life coach. His website, concentrates on writings that support a productive and positive outlook on the retirement years.

Beginning in the fall of 2021, Howard and his partner, Mark, will become expats, moving from southern California to Valencia, Spain. As such, his work will focus on their life as expats, and their travel within Spain and around Europe. From time to time, he will also author articles on specific issues that impact the Boomer demographic.

Howard hails from Brooklyn and Manhattan. The majority of his adult life has been spent in both Northern and Southern California. He attended both Brooklyn College and the University of Southern California.


Choosing the Expat Life in Spain

Choosing the Expat Life in Spain

Choosing the Expat Life in Spain By Howard Fishman My connection to Europe was strong from the get go. Before the age of twenty, I’d worked enough odd jobs to begin my travel quest. Waiting on tables, and commandeering a taxi around Manhattan paid for trips to Greece,...

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Shifting Career Focus in an Upsidedown Workplace

Episode 1: Where are you today with your career

If you’re above the age of 50, you can no longer behave like longevity in the workplace is your manifest destiny. Or that there’s nothing you can do about the chaotic world that is now the contemporary workplace. If there was ever a moment for transformative breakthrough, this is it. You’ll need to go deep, though. Reach into the reservoir of your authenticity. There’s no need to worry, however, as you’ll recognize it instantly. It will look just like you. This segment addresses that frank assessment and works through the idea that authenticity and journeying toward one’s True North is – at this point in our lives – the only road to fulfillment in both your personal and work life.

Episode 2 : Tapping Into The Source Of Intellect & Purpose

Designing change needs to be crafted from a fact-base examination of the past and present, while taking into account the desired future state. Change isn’t just about getting a better job or a better life. It’s about staying better. Having a floatation device to keep you above the noise. You have an opportunity to manage your own breakthrough. Create your own destiny. This segment looks at the factors I look at – as a coach – to get to that breakthrough. The results will reveal who you are, rather than what you do. And that’s what will separate you from the rest of the pack. This is not about reinvention. Or redefinition. You already possess the vital ingredients. It’s about refinement.

Episode 3 : Emotional Intelligence,Problem-Solving & Leadership Skills

Emotional intelligence is recognized as, perhaps, the most important skill you can have in the workplace and in life. You know you have it. But how has it assisted you? How might it have fooled you? How do you know it’s still there in the search of the right trajectory? This episode overviews emotional intelligence, commonly called EQ. How to push conversations productively forward. Choosing the best alternative rather than the lesser of evils. We’ll look at the consistency and reliability of your personal leadership skills. Your agility. Your humble integrity. And the courage and rewards of living up to your convictions.

Episode 4 : Balancing Urgent Workplace Survival & The Future State

A look at the way you bring together logic, reason, and personal philosophy. Being attentive to your internal guidance system. Clearing away emotional subterfuge. Involving critical stakeholders. Understanding your most accessible talents. Amplifying your skill set with education, training, and focused risk-taking. Finding your career center: knowing whether where you once wanted to go is where you want to go now.

Episode 5 : Long-Term Strategic Plan That Includes Career & Retirement Goals

Balance takes deliberation and a sense of purpose. The world is and will remain a volatile place. If you’re over 50, the development of your career should be the onramp to an amazing and fulfilling retirement – no matter what that retirement looks like.  Retirement isn’t just about money. And neither is work. This final episode works through the notion that authenticity brings to you what you need through the practical application of a strong plan. We’ll look at the important components of that plan and how to use it as a road map for a successful life.

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