Jennifer Lisette Lopez

Choreographer Performing Artist Movement Coach

Meet Jen

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”

– Maya Angelou

Jennifer Lisette Lopez is a Choreographer, Performing Artist & Movement Coach – as well as being a mother, a community builder, and an active advocate for female empowerment.

She was born to a Belizean father and American mother, raised in New York, and has lived and worked in the USA, Spain, France, Ireland, Poland, England, Scotland, Greece, and Sweden.

While in New York City, Jennifer attended Columbia University (CC’02) while receiving high-level training and professional experience in the

performing arts- voice, theatre and most extensively dance (in a vast array of dance styles), and did a lot of work in the world of musical theatre and opera. Since then she has worked for more than 15 years as a choreographer and dance teacher in Europe. Jennifer has also worked as a lead-facilitator in events focused on personal as well as professional development, and has co-developed and delivered transformational confidence coaching workshops, using a combination of mindfulness and performing arts exercises.

Jennifer is delighted to give us a taste of her virtual “Dancing in Captivity” classes- a fun, non-intimidating dance class where she teaches you to dance as you see in your favorite pop music videos – Video Clip Style! Taking inspiration from the most popular music videos, she breaks down the steps slowly and easily so that by the end you are strutting your stuff like a pop star while having a blast!


Dance in Captivity

It’s time to get your groove back!

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