Julie Millour

Women’s Health Practitioner | Dr in Biology | Nutritionist | Acupuncturist | Yoga Teacher


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April 2022
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Meet Julie

In 2013 I quit my researcher and clinical researcher job in the UK to start my own healing journey traveling around the world. I have crossed several continents, traveled and lived in 9 different countries and studied different types of yoga, nutrition, Chinese medicine and herbal medicine.

Now, I use everything I’ve learnt to help women restore their health, find their balance to fully enjoy their lives.

Working together online and/or in person, we find the root cause of the issue and treat it holistically to restore the body machineries and feel the best version of yourself and give the opportunity to thrive in your projects (career, family …)

Here are what I work with:

  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Inflammatory Bowel Sindrome
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Menstrual issues
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Weight gain
  • Allergies
  • Perimenopause

Since I was a child I have always known I would help others with their health. I am passionate about health, spending several years investigating therapies against cancer. I switched to natural medicine when I realised that western medicine wasn’t helping me with my own health challenges.

Very young, I felt heavy and bloated in my clothes and I didn’t have the energy to play sports. I couldn’t eat what I wanted due to constant abdominal pain and chronic constipation.

Then as a young adult: my university years were also difficult. I was exhausted from period pain, migraines, constant lower back pain, anemia and fatigue.

I almost made up my mind to go through with this indefinitely until I discovered a natural and spiritual healing.

All these symptoms were in fact due to a lack of nutritional education and a reflection of beliefs, a lack of love and heavy emotions that made my life painful.

My miracle solution: the discovery of holistic nutrition, Chinese medicine and a deep work on myself.

The holistic nutrition studies allowed me to eliminate all the physical symptoms I was suffering from. However, it was only when I did deep work on my limiting beliefs, on self love and childhood traumas that I was able to manage my stress which made these chronic symptoms a constant loop.

Thanks to all these breakthroughs, I transformed into the ideal woman I dreamt of, I radiate energy and I live my dream life and my passion in the sun of Spain.

I deepened my diagnosis skills and health knowledge by studying Traditional Chinese Medicine because discovering the root cause of your health issues is key to your success.

It took me years to reach this life where I finally live with vitality in every sense of the word, body & spirit. I want to share with you what I have learned so that you can reach your end goal faster: health and the joy of living your ideal life.

Presentations | Women’s Health Series

Introduction to the Women’s Health Revolution

We are currently experiencing an epidemic in women’s health. Millions of women are suffering from a variety of issues. Women struggle with exhaustion, constipation, irritability, skin issues, sleeping disorders, weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, food cravings, and feeling like their bodies are out of control. They don’t understand their mixed symptoms and don’t realize they may be connected and hormonally-based.  The current medical system does not provide solutions for sustainable health and wellbeing. It is time to take care of our body and restore balance.

Get Your Hormones in Order

Many women don’t know about their physiology, and for this reason, can’t take informed decisions regarding their health. In this video, Julie will help you start decoding your own hormonal signs and explore how to restore your body’s hormone balance and reset its baseline for years of optimal health and happiness. We address the underlying reasons for hormonal imbalance and we focus on food and lifestyle changes that bring your endocrine system back to optimal functioning. 

Track Your Cycle, Symptoms and Enhance Fertility

Our modern gynaecological care is not keeping up with our demands. Women are desperately in need to restore balance, preserve fertility, and maintain youthful hormonal patterns.  Traditional Chinese medicine. amongst other alternative therapies, provides us with great results for painful or heavy periods, irregular cycle, PCOS, missing periods, or infertility.

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