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Flight attendant turned author


October 2021
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Meet Kaylie

Kaylie Kay is the author of novels based on the unique and intriguing world of International Cabin Crew. Crew herself for over two decades she was sadly made redundant in 2020 when aviation was hit hard by the pandemic.

Watching so many of her ‘flying family’ learning to walk, and forced to navigate new routes, she decided to get it down in a new novel so that when the world moves on they would never forget what had happened.

Based in Southampton England with her husband and two children Kaylie loves her life by the sea but hopes that she will get back up in the air when air travel picks up again.

Interview with Kaylie

Short Hauls | a collection of short stories

Don’t have time to get into a whole book, but just want to escape for ten minutes? Well you’ve come to the right place! Sometimes I don’t have the time to write novels either, so instead, I pen short stories, all flying based, of course!  Now grab a coffee and prepare for flight…



What would happen if you missed your flight? Would the disruption in your timeline lead to your life taking a whole different path?

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The Coffin

The Coffin

The smallest and most hard to climb into of these bunks are affectionately known as ‘the coffins,’ perhaps though, the name may be fitting in more ways than one…

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Without a Doubt by Kaylie Kay

Without a Doubt

The Osprey Series | Book 3

Under Grey Clouds by Kaylie Kay

Under Grey Clouds

The Osprey Series | Book 2

Because She Could by Kaylie Kay

Because She Could

The Osprey Series | Book 1

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