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Meet Kuldish

Kuldish has over 17+ years experience in designing and leading high performing People teams across an impressive number of big brand complex market leading tech and online digital businesses globally.

Equipped with a deep and rich appreciation of challenges faced by companies undergoing constant change, Kuldish addresses the obstacles faced by these companies whilst creating opportunities to accelerate business growth & their people.

Kuldish, throughout his career has developed a reputation for delivering a well-articulated and innovative people plan and is known for designing refreshing initiatives to penetrate the hearts & minds of the business across all levels. His is driven by equipping businesses for change whilst shaping a diverse organisational culture.

Applying a collaborative approach by using coaching tools at all levels to build trust comes naturally to Kuldish, he uses these core people skills to develop respect and actively listen, learn & reflect before determining the most effective path forwards.

Kuldish is renowned and highly respected leader known successfully for nurturing outstanding talent and high performing people teams revered as customer centric strategic business partners. He has a reputation for leading by collaboration and investing heavily in the development of his team to create stretch & exciting career opportunities.

Kuldish is a second-generation British citizen born to parents originating from North India. He was raised in London (England, UK) whilst spending a significant amount of time in India to be culturally enriched with his Indian heritage. He is a graduate in Marketing & Business and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources. In addition to English, he speaks fluent Hindi, Punjabi and is currently at intermediate level at Spanish. He is a proud sponsor of BEAM, an organisation using tech-for-good to crowd source funds to support the homeless with gaining qualifications, find a job and permanent secure accommodation.


Securing Your Next Role

Part 1: CV Building

Preparing a standout CV, covering letter & candidate self-promotion summary to make them a memorable, relevant & an ideal fit for the role

Part 2 : LinkedIn Hacks

Developing & strengthening own page, networks, developing connections, following companies/influencers, promoting self, reaching out to people and making a positive first ´wow´ impression

Part 3 : Job Boards

Which career/job sites/Recruiters to use: Identifying and signing-up to sites best suited to your career goals & needs. Making the best use of hints and tips sites such as Glassdoor offer on companies, their interview process, questions typically asked & feedback from other candidates

Part 4 : Interview Prep

Preparing for interviews (remotes and f2f): Researching company, hiring process, preparing self for success, key individuals in the business part of the hiring process, learning about the culture, things candidates should explore to make sure opportunity is right for them & the difference in the interviewing approach for remote v´s face-to-face interviews

Part 5 : Upskilling and Personal Development

Upskilling & personal self-development: Capitalise on opportunities for readily available and a wide range of accessible online learning to level self-up to requirements/expectations for the career opportunity under pursuit. Considerations and questions to ask self before committing to online learning in reference to cost, learning approach, time required, suitability and its relevance to attendee’s career goals

Part 6 : Upskilling and Personal Development


  • Coveys Circle of Influence (from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey)
  • The Johari Window Model
  • Amy Cuddy TED Talk – Fake it Till You Make it – view this on your own time

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