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Meet Michele

Michele Schalin is a transformational coach that guides you in authentic, reflective, healing and life-changing conversations that will reveal your true self, dreams and desires. She shares invaluable techniques and new behaviors that you can adopt to transform your life into the one you truly want to have. She has over 30 years experience guiding thousands of people in their personal journey through workshops and private mentoring.

Michele has dedicated the last 30 years studying and applying principles and techniques for personal and spiritual growth in her own life and helping others.
She shares her knowledge, exercises and techniques with clients to help them gain more control over their thinking and change their sub coconscious beliefs. She helps them understand the physiological effects within the Mind-Body connection and assists them in their personal journey.


Embracing Your Fears

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Who wants to embrace or hug their fears? If I embrace them will they get bigger?

We want to get away from them – look the other way.

In nature, fear is an emotion we experience when we feel threatened and it keeps us from danger and helps us to survive.

I am not talking about those fears. I’m talking about the fake fears we create from our imagination of what could happen.

Most us have not been taught how to process difficult emotions in a healthy way and this causes immense suffering in many areas of our life; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

There is a better way! Let me share with you effective techniques I have used and shared with my clients. Once you practice these techniques regularly they become very natural, easy and work amazingly.

Letting yourself be vulnerable and embracing your fears with compassion is the most loving and healing way to achieve self acceptance and self love. Which I believe is the key to a happy life.

10 Best Networking Tips!

Networking is one of the most important skills you can develop to improve both your professional and personal life. However, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone and even if you are comfortable, you could be making some big mistakes with your connections.

Your approach is everything! If you go into it with a positive intention to meet new friends and be open to how you can help them, it changes the entire experience for everyone you meet!

Listen to my 10 valuable tips for successful networking!

  • Develop relationships
  • Connect people for mutual benefit
  • Follow up – ACCOUNTABLE

Your headspace – Your approach
RELAX – a little nervous? Deep breathing, meditation, self talk – no pressure
Know who will be there? Need to do some homework?

Always be positive – make it a good time
Look to make friends
See how you can help others.

3. NOT AN EVENT – Ongoing – building relationships QUALITY vs QUANITY – nurture and build – not just throwing your business card at as many people as you can.

4. INITIATE – Be the first to talk with someone – people standing alone, people are there to network. You can help them feel comfortable.
BREAK THE ICE – topic outside of the event – something funny? Positive – No politics!

5. BE PRESENT – keep your attention on the person you are talking to. Focus on looking a person in their eyes. When they are talking and when you are. Don’t look around

6. LISTEN – to the details – take notes if you can to help you remember for a later time.
On my notes in my phone or their business card.
DON’T try to promote yourself constantly.

7. GIVE – Connect, video, book, group, nothing to do with you.
Explain Power Teams

8. NO NEGATIVITY – Never be negative, about the event or anyone there.

9. DO NOT Stay with your comfort person, move on and meet people – eye contact

10. REACH OUT – FOLLOW UP – After the event, via email, text or phone

Connect with current connections to nurture. Every event doesn’t mean you have to meet 5 new people each time. Just depends on the situation.

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