Mio Hayashi

Beauty & Self-Care Consultant

Meet Mio

I am Mio Hayashi, originally from Japan but currently live in Barcelona. Prior to moving here, I lived in NY and worked for a Japanese beauty company. Naturally, this experience taught me the basics of self care. I encountered Reiki about 8 years ago, when I was going through a difficult time in my life. It introduced me to the laws of the universe and living my life spiritually, while embracing the aspects of self care I have grown to love so much. I came up with the concept of Beauty Vibrations as a holistic way to care for ourselves, going beyond using natural products and incorporating the universal energy to which we can all attune ourselves.

As a Reiki master, I teach how to connect to the universal energy to heal ourselves, as well as how to incorporate this energy so we can manifest the beauty and wellness we envision, as well as living in peace with our environment. Through this method, I wish for everyone to awaken to their potential of living in harmony, which is the true vibration of beauty.

I offer courses of how to incorporate Reiki into our beauty and wellness routine, as well as basic Reiki classes of 4 different levels. One-on-one consultations and Reiki sessions are also available as requested so that the methods can be customized to each individual needs.

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