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Nicole Brooke Schwartz

Spiritual Wellness | Teacher Empowerment Coach | Founder of Miss Nicole Brooke Coaching

Meet Nicole

Miss Nicole Brooke (Schwartz) is a courageous, intuitive, and determined woman who knows how to turn her dreams into a reality and wants to help YOU do the same thing!

After graduating valedictorian from high school in Las Vegas, she had her heart and mind set on getting into an outstanding university on the east coast. She impressed Lehigh University so much that they offered her a full-ride scholarship. Nicole’s love for the Spanish language led to her to study abroad in Spain, thus sparking a love affair that continues today. After graduating with her Master’s in Elementary and Preschool Education, a Bachelors in Psychology, and a minor in Spanish, Nicole took a leap of faith and moved her life to Spain to teach in the American school system.

Six years later, she has uncovered deep passions for traveling, dancing, stand-up comedy, leadership, self-development, and spirituality. During the Covid-19 confinement, and simultaneously her biggest spiritual awakening ever, it finally dawned on her! She could use all of her gifts in combination to serve the world as a Spiritual Transformation Coach. So she enrolled in the Jay Shetty Certification Coaching program, as well as many other spiritual and personal development courses, and opened up her own life coaching business. Nicole was being called into action from the universe from the get-go! There was no time to waste; her voice needed to be heard and her energy needed to be felt.

However, the tables turned when she suddenly had to drop everything in Spain to take care of her dying mother in Las Vegas. After a heart-wrenching summer, Nicole couldn’t go back to her “normal” life in Barcelona as she had previously decided to move to Gran Canaria to work at a new school. She is now in the midst of setting up her new life in the middle of a global pandemic after facing the biggest fear and loss of her life, all while working at a school and building her growing coaching business.

Nicole’s transition has been anything but smooth sailing; she definitely has her ups and downs. However, she knows for sure that every challenge she encounters is just another part of her story, which she will use to inspire and help others. Despite all the loss, pain, and setbacks Nicole has experienced, she laughs in the face of fear, and leans into her trust of the universe. Death really can open up and enhance your spiritual connection with the universe, which is exactly what happened to Nicole. She is on a mission to make spirituality go viral and spread her light and energy to the world.

You see, every difficulty you face is a new learning opportunity and a chance to grow stronger and more resilient. When you are dedicated to your personal development and spiritual alignment, like Nicole is, pure magic happens. Nicole is here to serve you- to uncover the gifts that you are meant to bring into this world, to guide you on your journey of reaching your dreams, and to celebrate your successes when we reach the top, and of course, along the way, too.

Please don’t wait one more minute thinking about your dreams; let’s get started on making them come true. Book your free discovery session where you can find out if working with Nicole will be the transformative journey you’ve been waiting for!


Signs from Above: A Series of Spiritual Stories

In this mini series, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Nicole Brooke Schwartz (aka Miss Nicole Brooke), will tell you three stories about how her deceased mother sent her some incredible signs from up above. Nicole wholeheartedly embraces her spirituality and uses her intuitive connection with the universe to communicate with her mother on their new journey together, despite the time and space difference between the realms. Nicole aims to convey a strong message: Although your loved one may have passed away in the physical world, they still are fully present, guiding you and supporting you in ways they were never able to before.

Episode 1: An Angel in the Clouds

Nicole’s mom was never a quiet, reserved soul. When Lynn did something, she went all out. The first sign Lynn sent Nicole after her passing could not have been more explicit. Tune in to find out what Lynn was trying to tell her daughter through a beautiful and meaningful keychain.

Episode 2: A Blast From the Past

At this point, Lynn had already sent Nicole several signs and made her presence obvious during the weeks after her passing. However, what she did next defied the Earthly laws of time and space, and was honestly quite poetic. Find out what Lynn had to tell Nicole within this Rugrats children’s book.

Episode 3: Things With Wings

Ever since her grandma’s passing a decade ago, Nicole has associated butterflies with the presence of her grandma, Dottie, and now her mother. Once Nicole was settled into her new home in Gran Canaria, both Lynn and Dottie sent her a spooky sign involving a mysterious butterfly, right in time for Halloween.

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