Nicole Woodcock

Clinical Hypnotherapist | Founder of Award-Winning Hummingbird Hypnotherapy

Meet Nicole

“Today you are you that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

– Dr. Seuss

NIcole Woodcock is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in her Award Winning Practice Hummingbird Hypnotherapy.

Teaching and inspiring children and adults to break out of old habits and behaviours, reduce their anxiety and find the happy within themselves.

Specifically supporting children with additional needs and special education needs.

Hummingbird Hypnotherapy opened its doors in June 2016 and has since supported over 400 clients to achieve their goals and recover from their Mental Health Issues.

In 2019 Nicole qualified as a Lecturer for CPHT ( Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training ) delivering Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherpay training to students in Peterborough, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Since Lockdown 2020 Hummingbird Hypnotherapy has successfully transitioned to an online practice now opening up the opportunity to assist others far and wide.


Benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Children and Adults Mental Health

Nicole has worked with over 400 clients in the last 4 years to overcome debilitating anxiety, fear of going to school, stress disorders, panic attacks, and empowering children with confidence and strength to be themselves to stand up against bullying and feeling different.

In a world, we can be anything #bekind

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of Clinical Hypnotherapy?

A therapy commonly misconstrued by media hype to involve doing things you don’t want to do and turning you into a chicken.

Hypnotherapy dates back to 1770. An ability to change the mind. A therapy based on brain science and innovative therapeutic techniques.

Solution-focused Hypnotherapy looks at the positive ways in which the brain works to create new neural pathways and positive thinking. Having better knowledge about how the brain works give you an insight into those things you can start to do differently to create positive outcomes.

Understanding the benefits of serotonin, our happy hormone, and it’s the ability to work to help gain more control and a better outlook on life.

I will talk about how the brain works in relation to how you feel so you get a better understanding of why positive action, interaction, and thought regularly boosts the brain to support positive mental health.

How trance can induce a state of relaxation to give your brain the opportunity to find solutions to problems whilst enjoying a relaxed and calm state.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses up to date techniques to enable people to focus on those things that are going right in life. There is no digging around in the past and resurfacing all the negative patterns of behaviour. The aim is to reduce stress and focus on rewriting the brain’s positive pathways to create a sense of well-being, control, and confidence. Boosting overall mental health and behaviour.

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