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Priyanka Gupta

Yoga & Meditation Teacher


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Meet Priyanka

Priyanka is a dynamic yoga teacher who insists on her clients being in the moment – her surya namaskars (sun salutations) are a spontaneous blend of traditional poses with variations, in such a way that require the practitioner to remain in the present and avoid getting caught in an ego trap or getting bored of their yoga. She enriches the practice by bringing focus & awareness to ones’ body, breath, thoughts and energy centres (chakras). Priyanka’s International high school education allowed her an insight on how to interact with and teach yoga to the International clientele, residing in New Delhi, India. Her Bachelors degree in English (B.A English Hons), along with her corporate training background in training customer service, language and western culture, enabled her to merge excellent communication skills with customercentric behaviours allowing her to adapt and create sublime yoga sessions. ​ Furthermore, Priyanka’s knowledge of Vipassana and Yoga, two very different approaches overlapped, to strengthen her yoga practice – which led to her to study Ashtanga Yoga at the Pattabhi Jois Institute, Mysore (KPJAYI), under Sri Saraswathi’s tutelage. She continued to explore other forms such as Iyengar, Kundalini, Jivamukti, Anusara, Partner, Yin, Restorative, and Acro Yoga. The different styles served to enrich her teaching abilities since she taught a traditional form of personalized yoga; catering to expats, diplomats and ambassadors’ wives. This required her to be well versed in all the forms of yoga, that are being offered in the 21st century, and allows her to blend the traditional with the new wave that has taken the world by storm…

Corporate Background : Priyanka has an extensive training in phonemics & phonetics due to her corporate training background at a fortune 500 company, Wipro. She assisted many fellow Indians learn to neutralize or soften harsh consonants and imbibe diphthongs in their speech. Similarly, she has used this knowledge and created a video repertoire of sunskrit yog(a) asun(a) pose names – as a way for us to stay true to the roots of pronunciation. This can be achieved by listening to the correct sounds (not spelling) and using the articulators (tongue, teeth, upper palate etc) to mimic… A little guidance, and a lot of practice and we can fine tune the pronunciations in no time at all 😊

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