Rosie Ignacz

Founder of CLONEROSY a modern chess community

Meet Rosie

Hi, I am your “chess-mate” Rosy.

I am the founder of, chess educator, with 12 years of international competitor experience and a huge fan of the Queen’s Gambit.

My passion is to help you recognise all the benefits of learning chess, and how it can help improve the way you approach situations at work, in personal relationships and in simple everyday circumstances. Everything that happens in the game can also happen in your 3D reality.

I am also an avid travel enthusiast, one half of a twin-sister duo, and have a 12 years of a professional chess career behind me which has defined how I think things through in all aspects of my life. My passion for helping others can be traced back to my work within aviation, where I spend a significant time perfecting my communication skills with colleagues and passengers, and my ability to manage any unexpected situation that needs a solution quickly.

My 3 Favourite Chess Strategies To Start Implementing Into Your Everyday Life

Chess is also called the game of life. Growing up playing competitive chess has taught me helpful life skills and enhanced my creativity, forward-thinking, and much more. Within this short video, I am bringing to you my 3 favourites strategies you can start implementing immediately.

Chess Activity Colouring Book

My twin sister and I have created this Chess Activity Colouring Book / Pages to spread the love for chess and help children learn about this beautiful game. They will express their creativity while colouring and learn the basic principles of chess with entertaining exercises.

Recommended for children who can read and write. This could be a fantastic activity to do in a group setting aswell.

Click here to join my community to get access to a sample page.

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