Sonja Breuer

Ayurveda Consultant & Best Life Trainer


September 2022
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Meet Sonja

Originally, from Cologne in Germany, Sonja was undecided between a medical career and a business career but went to Southampton University to study Economics and subsequently worked in Product Marketing in Montreal, Canada for an electronics distributor. She returned to London, UK and worked in professional services industry for the manufacturing sector. Following her calling to study medicine, she opted for an integrative, traditional medicine system, called Ayurveda, which is intensively practiced in India today and also the world over. She obtained a Masters degree from Middlesex University, UK. After years of experience with her two Ayurveda practices in London, she has now returned back to her corporate roots, teaching employees the seven steps to better sleep according to Ayurveda. Sonja lives on an Eco-Farm in Spain, Malaga where she also offers wellness stays to corporate clients.

Sonja Breuer trained as an Ayurvedic consultant for seven years and obtained a master’s degree from Middlesex University, UK. She has spent about two years in Indian hospitals such as Hassan, Goa, Belgaum and Coimbatore, gaining practical experience. She has run two ayurvedic clinics in London until 2018 and relocated to Spain in 2019.

She is a qualified Kundalini yoga and Hatha yoga teacher, as well as a Reiki practitioner, and a qualified life coach and mentor. Her mission is to help people live a more naturally, so that healing and well-being can occur.

She is senior editor at the Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine (JAHM) and runs Facebook group #ayurvedaworks. She has started a practitioner network, networkwellness.

Biography – Sonja Breuer (MSC ayur. med.)


  • Economist BSc. Southampton University
  • Ayurveda MSc. Middlesex University
  • Internship Belgaum Hospital
  • Internship Hassan Hospital
  • Internship Coimbatore Hospital
  • Mentoring Training UK
  • Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Life-Coach, Newcastle University
  • Various other: TV Training, Sales Training, Presentation Training, Time Management Training, Management Training


  • Two ayurveda clinics in North-London (until 2018)
  • Author of Ayurveda Learning Programme ‘7 steps to better sleep’
  • Senior editor at the Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine (JAHM).
  • Over 1000 yoga teaching hours
  • Editor of Facebook Group #ayurvedaworks
  • Blogger, Trainer, Writer, Presenter
  • Founder of Network-Wellness

21 Day Ayurveda Challenge by The Nutrition Healer

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