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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie, the Ready-to-Launch coach, is a multi-award winning, international business empowerment coach and best-selling author of “Plan and launch your coaching business in 12 steps”.

She believes thousands of coaches are suffocating their potential income, because they are either fearful, overwhelmed, frustrated, disorganised, procrastinating, lack a clear plan or scared to be visible. They either feel everything is too difficult, don’t know where to start or don’t know the process to achieve a successful launch.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

After years of learning and thousands of pounds spent, Stephanie developed her unique 5-step FOCUSed methodology and turned fears, overwhelm and frustration into courage, clarity, confidence and celebration as her business rocketed!

She wants the same for you.

Stephanie used her FOCUSed method to start, launch and grow 3 of her own successful businesses and realised it is the missing piece that every coach needs. Here are some of the most common difficulties new coaches experience:

They feel disorganised or have an ad hoc approach to launching and are then tempted to give up when they don’t make sales.

They get frustrated when trying to map their business systems because they aren’t able to see the whole picture and how it all fits together.

They experience fear or procrastination, and don’t know what words to use when planning their funnels.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Stephanie is an international radio presenter of “Stephanie’s Business Coaching Show”, a global speaker, has appeared on TV, Radio, and is founder of the Get Focused Academy.

She understands learning to be a coach provides a wonderful set of transformational skills. Establishing a business requires a whole different skill set. So, having committed her working life to supporting small, medium and global enterprises, plus owning three profitable companies herself, Stephanie brings a unique combination of heart-centred coaching, mentoring and accountability to her international clients.

The Get Focused Academy trains hundreds of coaches, from around the world, every year, to get focused, plan, create and launch their online programmes in 90-days or less. Stephanie shares her unique FOCUSed formula of empowered approaches for coaches. so they become stars in their own business and which ultimately gives them the courage, clarity, confidence and connection with their programmes and clients alike.

Stephanie is THE coach you absolutely have to have if you are ready to establish or expand your online coaching business.

Complete the “Are You Ready-to-Launch” quiz to establish your current position and then, following the links in the quiz, book a call and chat with Stephanie herself to identify your next steps.

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