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Tally Hershko

Pilates and Flexibility Coach


September 2022
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Meet Tally

Tally is a passionate Pilates instructor who also happens to be a Mechanical engineer. Tally has worked as a Product Manager in the medical device field for the last 18 years. Then, three years ago, after practicing Pilates for 14 years as a hobby, Tally has decided to shift her hobby to a profession. Along with her day job, Tally studied to become a mat Pilates instructor. Since arriving in Valencia with her husband and three kids a year and a half ago, Tally has started her own business as teaching Pilates in English in the city center of Valencia.

Tally teaches mat Pilates in English using classic and traditional Pilates method but with creativity. In addition, there are Dance Pilates classes that are based on Pilates moves but with a flow with fun dance moves.

Tally also offers Pre & Postnatal classes for new and expecting mums with their babies and private lessons.

Tally’s goal is to assist others in getting into shape and feel better both physically and mentally, while working out and having fun.


Healing Through Movement

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” – Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates method.

Learn about what the Pilates method is and how it is more than just physical exercise. It can enhance mental and emotional well-being and it can help you with daily routines such as lifting groceries, picking up something from a shelf, and more.

Join Tally as she explains and demonstrates the benefits of Pilates and why everyone should give it a try.

Additional videos

Rolling Like a Ball

Chair Pilates

90-second Home Office Workout

Everyone involved in the LOVE Yourself Project internship program knows the importance of the Pomodoro Method – a quick break every hour keep yourself fresh while sitting in front of a computer all day long.

Watch this video to learn some quick and easy ways to keep your mind and body agile.

NOTE: This video is in fast motion so remember to breath and take things slower. It should take you 90 seconds.

30-minute Full Body Workout

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