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Tiera St Claire

Human Design Teacher

Meet Tiera

In 2005 Tiera divorced from an 18 year marriage and went to Spain to walk the Camino Santiago. Ever since then, Tiera has been travelling and Pet Sitting without a home of her own. She has walked the Camino 10 more times and has learned to trust life to provide.

For 14 years Tiera has been studying and teaching Human Design, a practical and logical system designed to assist people in making clear decisions, moving in the right direction and loving themselves.

Tiera excels at home organising and clutter clearing.

What is Human Design

A technique that will help you understand how you exert energy and make decisions. With Human Design, you’re given specific tools to thrive and function based on what gives you motivation and how you make decisions. If you aren’t harnessing the right energy based on your chart, you can get pulled off track because you’re trying to be everything that is not aligned with who you are meant to be.

Human Design is an incredibly specific way to learn more about your personality, emotions, and energy centers. More specifically, Human Design breaks down how you are wired to make decisions, work within teams, and relationships.

Poems by #BeingTiera

Beauty Emerging

Beauty Emerging

Photo collage created by Tiera St ClaireBeauty EmergingI was once a young womanI was very beautifulBut I didn't realise itI was super sexyAnd taken advantage of for itI was anxious and insecureAfraid I would make another mistakeNever be acceptedLost in the peril of...

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I’ve been abused

I’ve been abused

I've been abusedPhoto credit: Tiera St ClairePainting by David Hockney from Matisse Museum in Nice, FrancePoem by: Tiera St ClaireConfused Promiscuous Conspicuous Accommodating Up and down in the ratings Tried hard to please Down on my knees Was I really a tease? I...

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Articles by Tiera

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