Vilma Usaite

Certified Life & Career Coach | Creator Of Holistic Career Change Programme | Intuitive | Podcast Host

Meet Vilma

Vilma Usaite is a certified Life & Career Coach who specialises in working with fulfilment driven individuals seeking for direction and looking to strategically switch their careers.

As an intuitive empath, she merges the most effective coaching strategies together with her intuitive guidance in order to support her clients on their path towards clarity and purpose.

Vilma has spent several years carefully crafting a transformational signature programme which has now helped numerous clients all over the world discover their meaning and successfully change careers.


Holistic Career Change: Choosing A Career Of Alignment And Switching Career Path Without Pay Cuts And Stress

Vilma knows this all too well as prior to coaching she had spent years working in the corporate world just to find that, even though, on paper, her life looked near-enough perfect, deep inside she felt empty, as if she was stuck in the wrong movie. Her long quest for meaning led to service and helping others who feel similarly stuck and directionless within their careers.

In this interview, Vilma will be chatting about how more and more of us find ourselves completely burnt out and why we feel like we have lost the direction within our careers. She will also explain about the missing puzzle pieces that keep us stuck in the wrong careers.

Based on years of experience of closely working with clients, she will share tried and tested tips on how to plan for a successful and strategic career switch that will allow you to avoid a pay cut (many of Vilma’s clients even end up increasing their income during their career switch phase!) and how to avoid making the most common career switch mistakes to ensure that the change you make is fulfilling and long-lasting.

If you’d like to receive some personalised career change advice, click here to book a complimentary 60-minute call with Vilma.

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