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Meet Lynda

Originally from the south-east of England, Lynda served for over 20 years with the British Diplomatic Service, latterly in senior management and consular roles, with overseas postings in the Far East and South-East Asia, India and Pakistan, the South Pacific, West Africa and Latin America. When she left, Lynda settled in Spain with her husband to raise their two children and has since been heavily involved with the local expat community. She initially ran a small language studio and newcomers’ groups, and taught Spanish to nervous first-time adult learners, as well as self-development for children and teenagers before moving into more general life coaching, counselling, and emotional healing. She has recently “retired” as the President of the national mental health charity Samaritans in Spain after having initially joined the Board of Trustees in 2014. In 2020 Lynda published her first book Brains at the Border (available in paperback and kindle from all Amazon sites) about the psychological and emotional impact of expatriate life around the world.

Lynda holds a BA (Hons) degree in Arts and Humanities and is a qualified TEFL teacher. She holds verified qualifications in Counselling and Social Care, from the UK Institute of Counselling, as well as Life Coaching and Fitness certifications. She is a certified Usui & Angelic Reiki practitioner and a Psychic Intuitive. Lynda is also now pleased to be offer the very latest in energy healing with the Emotion Code and Body Code techniques devised in the USA to help rapidly identify and correct imbalances that could cause emotional and physical issues. The premise is that the human body has a powerful ability to restore its own health if the conditions are right.  The aim is to make the conditions right with the right energy balance. These gentle and safe techniques are also suitable for children. Lynda is fully registered and insured as an overseas member of the UK Complementary Medical Association.


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